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Our Services

CT Network Solutions is one stop I.T. shopping for all of your business needs.
Our Services include:

Backup and Disaster Recovery Full Service

NO business can afford not to have a fully functioning, monitored, and reliable backup and disaster recovery solution.  Don’t just think about file loss or full disasters; consider today’s RANSOMWARE.  You cannot afford to lose your data.  Let CT Network Solutions provide you with the most current reliable backup solutions available today.

Domain Builds\Migrations\Consolidations

Whether you have an existing infrastructure or are planning on building a new infrastructure. CT Network Solutions can provide a comprehensive plan that will minimize downtime in an existing network upgrade or roll out a new network to streamline your business needs.

If you are running SBS or your business is running Active Directory our Microsoft experts can help streamline a business by automating most tasks preventing costly I.T. visits and service charges.

Email Setup and Migrations

Is your email constantly down? Are you using an older version of exchange or outlook and are being forced to upgrade due to end of life support? Are you paying too much money through your ISP to host your companies email and are looking to bring it in house? Are you limited to your email functionality through your ISP’s restrictions? Don’t be held hostage anymore!

CT Network Solutions has expertise migrating and installing enterprise class exchange clusters and mail systems. By bringing a businesses mail systems in house our customers not only experience increased performance and functionality, but eliminate the costs of paying for hosted email.

Wireless (IPads, IPhones, Tablets, Laptops)

Is your wireless network constantly down? Is your wireless network secure from hackers? CT Network Solutions wireless experts can provide your business with a wireless site survey to optimize an existing network or upgrade an existing infrastructure to optimize speed and security.

IPads, IPhones, Tablets and laptops require a reliable wireless network in order to function optimally. If a clients wireless is down that client is being charged for 3G or 4G airtime. By optimizing our clients wireless networks we not only increase the security, but reduce clients airtime costs!

Thin Client

What is a Thin Client? Thin client technology can be in the form of a diskless workstation or software program that runs on a P.C. Thin client technology does all of the computing on the back end server and requires very little processing from the thin client machine.

If you are constantly investing and reinvesting in hardware every couple of years then a thin client solution can provide a cost effective solution. Since all of the processing and information is done on the backend server the front end thin client does not need to be changed out even if programs on the back end are upgraded!

As well as being a cost effective solution thin client technology is more secure as if the device is stolen no information is stored locally. Thin client technology also provides for a lower energy footprint saving on recurring energy costs!

Business to Business VPN’s

Do you have multiple business located in disparate locations? CT Network solutions can provide a solution to interconnect your business entities and provide seamless communications between multiple offices without a huge expense or overhead!

Remote Access

Does your business have employees that travel and require remote access to network systems?

CT Network Solutions can provide remote access vpn’s, application publishing or terminal server web access to key business systems regardless of your location!

Business Consulting

Perhaps your business already has an I.T. staff, but that staff has limited knowledge about building out the current systems?

At CT Network Solutions our consultants have extensive experience in steering companies in the right technology direction. Let us take the guess work out of creating a business technology plan for you.

Site Survey’s

Whether it is PCI compliance or just a standard survey of your current systems. CT Network Solutions can provide your business with a site survey with recommendations on how to improve the current environment.

Anti-Virus Solution

Tired of walking from desktop to desktop to upgrade the current anti-virus definition files? Is your company constantly plagued with viruses?

CT Network Solution can provide a centralized anti-virus solution that meets your business needs and reduce downtime created by unnecessary and preventable measures.

Virtualization (VMWare\Hyper-V) and Consolidation

Is your data center over run with older hardware and you have the daunting task of replacing all of that hardware?

Purchasing new hardware is a major expense to any business. By virtualizing your environment a business can consolidate multiple hardware systems onto a single hardware platform! As well as reducing the costs of a one-to-one purchase to replace systems our clients reap the benefits of a reduced energy footprint.

Cloud Networking and Cloud Servers

Forget the expense of a new server!  Let us connect you to the Cloud for fully managed cloud-servers.  Experience the same network structure without the upfront expenses of hardware and software.  We can put your server in our cloud and handle all the updates and maintenance, worry-free.

Systems Monitoring

Take the hassle out of responding to down systems. CT Network Solutions monitoring systems can alert a business when a critical systems is down and in most cases troubleshoot and repair these systems reducing production downtime.

Weekly Systems Reports

CT Network Solutions provides comprehensive weekly system reports including Uptime, CPU utilization and disk space utilization as well as other important metrics. Our reports can be tailored to meet our clients specific needs.